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Thread: we are the borg

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    Default we are the borg

    Juste for fun witn an ocarina and a kala Tenor

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    Wow- that was a trip!
    "Everyone I know who is into the Ukulele is 'crackers' so get yourself a few and enjoy yourselves" - George Harrison

    I'm still trying to determine how many George meant when he said "few"..

    Pono RTSH-C-PC Cedar/Rosewood tenor
    Koaloha KSM-02 Koa longneck soprano
    Blackbird Farallon
    2008 Kiwaya KTC-02 Mahogany concert
    aNueNue Moonbird Spruce/Rosewood concert
    2012 Koaloha D-VI Guitalele
    2000 Larrivée U-01 Koa soprano

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