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Thread: Banjolele Strings

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    Default Banjolele Strings

    Do you banjolele players use banjolele strings (Aquila 42U, 8U)? Is there a difference between them and regular tenor ukulele strings?

    I'm using "regular" now, but, when I first bought the banjolele, the strings seemed different, tighter . . . I think I liked them better.

    It's easier to find "regular" ones. Music stores usually have 'em.
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    I want to follow this thread. I put on the normal Aquillas (the instrument originally had the 2nd and 3rd strings switched--you can see the difference). But there might be something here I don't know!

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    Goldtone told me that Aquila's Super Nylgut banjo uke strings are only very slightly heavier and may not perform substantially better than regular ones. I still use them though I wonder how D'Addario EJ65T's would work.

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    I'm not sure what the stock strings were that came on my GoldTone BUT. Aquila something. I do recall them feeling tighter than I liked. I swapped them out for some dGBE Southcoast strings which feel a lot better but truthfully they lose a little too much of the banjo twang. I really wish I could put a linear set on this uke without major surgery.
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    I put Aquila Reds on all my banjo ukes except for one, an old Mele with a copper rim. I have Martin's on that one.

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    Did we ever come to any sort of consensus about what strings should/could be used on a banjolele?

    I generally run Martin fluorocarbons on everything I own (M600, M620 depending on the size), and am currently trying some Aquila Sugar strings on my tenor outdoor ukulele. I have left (normal) Aquila Super Nylgut strings on my Kala Concert Banjolele all this time. I’m not in a hurry to change the strings...just curious what others use. I don’t play the Banjolele a lot; but it is nice to have when I want to play it.
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    I have Aquila "reds" on several of my ukuleles ... when I learnt that Aquila made a set of "reds" specifically for a soprano banjo ukulele, (set 90U), I ordered some immediately ... never regretted it
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    Have used Aquila NylGut (31U on the Duke, various leftovers on the Lanikai) and have been satisfied. Am fussy about insuring the drum is taut. Also, I use a pick as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kypfer View Post
    I have Aquila "reds" on several of my ukuleles ... when I learnt that Aquila made a set of "reds" specifically for a soprano banjo ukulele, (set 90U), I ordered some immediately ... never regretted it
    Thanks for the heads up, I'll try those.
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    I used to use the Aquila and then had a spare set of Worth Browns and found these worked well. Another choice that sounded good are the Oasis warm strings. I would go up one size too - - concert on a soprano banjo uke and tenor on a concert size. I wanted a mellow sound. However my Maybell has such a small pot that almost anything sounds good.
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