Decades ago when I was trying to play guitar, I had a case with the stamped standard clasps and they were adequate, but seemed kind of cheap and at times would catch on things and come open so I wasn't very confident in them. I bought a case just like the one in the link above with the hoop clasps around 3 years ago and I thought it was an outstanding case for the money. I've been contemplating getting a new uke and if I did, I would want a case just like it with the hoop clasps. But now that we're talking about this, I just remembered my experience when ordering the Musician's Friend case. I needed a case for my Ohana and learned of these cases here and loved everything about them ---- except the standard clasps pictured on the web site. I couldn't find anything else at a comparable price and funds were tight at the time so I resigned myself to settling for a case with the standard clasps. When I received the case in the mail I now remember being shocked that it had the hoop clasps and I couldn't have been more pleased! It's just kind of weird that what they are selling isn't what's reflected in the picture of the case. I'd think that an accurate picture with the hoop clasps would only help them sell more of them.