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Thread: WTB / WTT: Collings UT2 or UT3 etc. - guitar trades if desired

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    Default WTB / WTT: Collings UT2 or UT3 etc. - guitar trades if desired

    Looking for a Collings UT2 or higher trim level. I am in Victoria, BC, Canada and would prefer to deal with someone in Canada to simplify shipping. (But I do have relatives in the USA I could ship to)

    Will pay cash BUT, I also have a number of good steel string, nylon string, and electric guitars. Chances are, if you are looking for a guitar, I have something to meet your tastes and all we would have to do is agree on price difference.

    Let me know what you've got - I'm looking for a Christmas present to self


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    Sent you a PM.
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