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Thread: International Play Seeso Loud Day

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    Default International Play Seeso Loud Day

    I took this off of FB to share with the UU membership. Much Mahalos to Alex Boon for posting this and explaining what is happening with Seeso. So please, if you would, a silent prayer to wish him nothing but the best in this fight.

    It is DECLARED that Monday, December 12th, 2016 is officially "INTERNATIONAL PLAY SEESO LOUD DAY"!

    As many of Seeso's oh-so-many friends already know, on Monday, December 12th, our favorite guy in Chicago will start his battle and begin chemotherapy treatment. We know he's strong, in good hands, and all of us hold good hopes for a speedy recovery.

    But let's all do just a little more for the ever-lovable Ciso...
    On Monday, wherever you are In the world, click on your Seeso downloads, get out your Seeso CDs, and crank up the Seeso awesomeness!

    PLAY - IT - LOUD!!!

    On that day, let Ciso know that you are completely with him by having his amazing music belting out in all corners of the world!

    In the COMMENTS, please tell Ciso in what city/town/country you will be cranking up the Seeso tunes!

    (If you do not yet own a Seeso CD, first, gotta ask, what is wrong with you? Second, these links will allow you to order some of this fantastic music.) (Those CDs make great Christmas gifts, you know!)

    Nana ka maka; ho`olohe ka pepeiao;
    pa`a ka waha.

    Observe with the eyes; listen with the ears; shut the mouth.
    Thus one learns.

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    Aloha Danny, mahalo plenty for posting bruddah,
    To Seeso, sending my island prayers and blessings for a successful and speedy recovery. Take care brah
    Making music is a gift in itself, and when you can share it is your gift to others

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    Best wishes to Seeso. I currently have a daughter going through it so I know, at least at one remove, what he will go through.
    Geoff Walker

    I have several ukuleles in various sizes and am not planning on getting any more...

    at least, not yet.

    I also play some blowy things and a squeezy thing

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    Be strong Seeso. Sending some prayers your way.

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    I was very sorry to read this, but so happy that you shared so we can all keep Seeso in our thoughts. His cover of Time in a Bottle is the first song I really learned well, which I chose because it was the song my wife walked down the aisle to at our wedding. I will forever have this connection to Seeso.

    Sending strength your way, Seeso!
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    Keeping a good thought for Seeso.

    I have both of his CD's, and enjoy them both. Little Brother has some great songs.

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    Woo hoo! This was a fun day. Thanks to all who participated!

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