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Thread: What do you actually use to record with.

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    I've been recording video with an old JVC Everio HD hand-held camcorder. I like it better than my phone since I can set it up on the other side of the room, zoom in, and still see what I'm doing with the rotating monitor.

    For sound I have an iRig Stage clip-on pickup and an Audio Technica AT2035 microphone that I don't know how to use: I haven't figured out yet how to aim it so that it picks up my voice without being overwhelmed by the ukulele, so I end up recording the voice and uke separately and composite them in GarageBand.

    All of this gets plugged into a Focusrite 2i2 and fed into either a Mac or a PC - mostly the Mac at the moment since GarageBand and iMovie are really simple and I don't know how to use all of the knobs on the fancy software I have for the PC.

    After the audio is recorded, I go back and play along with it for the video a few times from different angles - I can usually play in sync for at enough of the video that I can composite an overall view for the entire song. Alternatively, I hide the broken fingering behind a puppet

    A friend of mine's a semi-pro audio engineer, film director, and editor, and he's given me hints and loaned equipment, but he's been too busy with film festival season to really show me what to do.

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    I have an ASUS laptop PC and a webcam accessory for my desktop. I used to use a Canon camera with its software.

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