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Thread: Happy Birthday for Frank Sinatra!

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    Cool Happy Birthday for Frank Sinatra!

    Happy Birthday for Frank Sinatra!

    Here is an article about one of my favorite singers and musicians from Esquire Magazine.

    Today is his birthday, so maybe have a read of this story in his honor:

    Maybe also play some of his music too...

    if not sure where to start, check out this page, which has some details and links to videos of the songs mentioned:

    Discovering Frank Sinatra was the inspiration for me to begin singing myself, and he defined an era of cool that has not been easy to replicate. He was a Master.

    I only saw him in concert one time (back in 1998), but I will cherish that experience forever.

    Please feel free to share your thoughts or feelings about Ole' Blue Eyes here today on his birthday....

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    The Original Jersey Boy!!!!! There will never be another Sinatra, the greatest!

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    I'm currently reading the Kaplan biography, Sinatra: The Chairman which takes up his life starting with his Oscar win. He certainly lead a colorful life and is one of the greatest voices this world has ever known.
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