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Thread: Nices NT100E - Mahogany Tenor/Concert Ukulele

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    Default Nices NT100E - Mahogany Tenor/Concert Ukulele

    Full View.jpgNT100E with Padded Gigbag.jpgFull View - Back.jpgFull View - Front.jpgSoundhole - Front 2.jpg

    We are a Singapore-based distributor for Nices brand guitars and ukuleles. Nices has been building guitars and ukuleles since 2004. Their instruments are well-built, of superior quality and affordable. Nices instruments have a beautiful, rounded tone with good projection. Nices instruments aren't mass-produced in factories but made in a small, personal workshop. We are friends with the luthier.

    We are also a group of advanced fingerstyle players hence we are particularly fussy about the instruments we play. Our motto is, "We Won't Sell What We Won't Play".

    Model: NT100E
    ♢Full Solid Mahogany Top, Back & Sides
    ♢ Full Solid Rosewood Fretboard & Bridge
    ♢ Full Solid Dual-Wood Headstock, Mahogany & Rosewood
    ♢ Matte Finishing
    ♢ Nubone Nut & Saddle
    ♢ 14:1 Precision Tuners
    ♢ Full Solid Acacia Tuning Pegs
    ♢ Aquila Nylgut Strings
    ♢ Pre-setup done
    ♢ Runde AJ1000, 9v active under-saddle pickup

    Tenor (with active-pickup) - USD$188.00
    Concert (with active-pickup) - USD$178.00

    We deliver to your home directly but a delivery charge of SGD$30 will be applicable. If you're ordering in bulk (6 pieces or more), we will waive this charge.

    Depends on country, shipping costs may vary. We will calculate the shipping costs and let you know how much it will be.

    Sales Enquiries(UTC+08:00):
    Tommy: +65-9689-2710
    Josiah: +65-8157-6530
    *We prefer if you drop us a WhatsApp message or Email us.

    P.S. We support the US, for every uke sold, we will donate USD$10 to the American Cancer Society.
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    The Marketplace is for the use of private sellers and sole-luthier builders. Dealers and distributors may post in the Links and Videos forum.
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    Do any of your Ukes have Radius Fretboards?
    How bad is your UAS?

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    Nope, there are no radius fretboard option at the moment.

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