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Thread: Opinions of Kala Soprano KA-15S vs. KA-SEM?

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    Default Opinions of Kala Soprano KA-15S vs. KA-SEM?

    I'd like to pick up a soprano uke and I particularly like the blue KA-SEM but I'm not sure they're still making them because they're a little hard to find. The KA-15S seems to get good reviews but I can't find as much info on the KA-SEM. The blue KA-SEMB (which I assume is the same as the standard wood colored KA-SEM) costs about twice as much as the KA-15S but I don't mind paying the difference to get the blue color. Does anyone know what the differences are between the KA-15S and the KA-SEM? Any opinions on the KA-SEMB?

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    Don't know about the KA-15S, but I do have a KA-S & a KA-SEM(E), both of which are laminates, & both sound pretty good, especially at the price.
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    My KA-SEM is my most played ukulele with a discontinued KA-GAS in close second.

    The exotic mahogany laminate on the SEM is quite nice to look at. Mine is in Honey but if Blue is your thing why not make yourself happy?

    Cant seem to find much info on actual construction of the 15S... I know my GAS being solid wood sounds different than my SEM. Different not necessarily better. You wouldn't notice anything without another to compare it to though. I play both while my KoAloha concert sits in its case.

    I should mention I bought my SEM from a member with a fairly good setup, I did lower the strings at the nut a smidgen more but that's just personal preference. The GAS came stock and also needed a bit of nut work (10-15 minutes) for me to be happy.

    Remember to let us know what you choose.
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    I got a KA-C and the wife has a KA-P. IMO owning and playing this instrument for almost 2 years now, you can't go wrong with a kala. I have taken them camping, road trips, planes, or just outside to the park.

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    My regular player is a 15S, and I've played the SEM. They're both good ukes for not much money. The difference between them in terms of sound is insignificant. The blue dye won't make any difference, and if blue is what you want, go for it! Just make sure you buy from a vendor that sets up their ukes (e.g., Mim, Uke Republic, HMS are all well liked by most on UU).
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