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Thread: Deering banjolele case?

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    Default Deering banjolele case?

    Any Deering owners out there found a case (other than the Deering companies own) to fit this monster? I understand that a type "A" mandolin gig bag is sometime shipped when the Deering comes "w/case". Don't get me wrong, I like the oem bag, but $65 is a bit steep for my pocketbook.

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    Gretsch makes a nice banjo uke gig bag. I bought one for a Southern Cross banjo.
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    This may be too cheap, or not the right size, but it is very inexpensive.

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    Almost all banjo ukes except deering are 8" rims (with a small minority being 6"). Deering is an 11" rim in concert and a 12" rim in tenor. 8" rims fit into a standard concert uke case wedged in where the lower bout usually goes, but an 11" rim won't work for that. I have the OEM gig bag and it is nice, however to get a decent deal on it you probably have to buy it with the uke.

    I have a cheap mandolin hard case that is too big for my mandolin that I will try the banjo uke in when I get a chance and report back.
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