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Thread: Only You - Not the Platters

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    Default Only You - Not the Platters

    While eating dinner at Bamboo restaurant in Hawi, the band played a Hawaiian song that moved me deeply. The melody and harmonies were very interesting. A waiter identified the song as "Only You" a song played at a lot of Hawaiian weddings.

    It's hard to google the song on You Tube because the Platters song keeps coming up, along with other songs called "Only You".

    I found a site that attributed the song to Brudder Smitty but I don't know if he wrote it.
    Does anyone have the lysics and music to this lovely song?

    Here is a newer video of the song it says the song was written by Sam Nainoa
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    It has a familiar tune I just can't quite place. Interesting to see the bass player winging it, like good bass players just do. - Ukulele Karaoke - Ukulele Backing Tracks - Strum Class - Gold Coast and Hinterland Ukulele Group

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