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Thread: My luthier....

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    Default My luthier....

    I spoke with the guy who does all my repair work the other day. He has 8 ukes in the build process.
    I've never bought one from him, they are nice, but headstock heavy, he claims added sustain from this. He also only makes pin bridges, which I don't like. He has a bunch of really nice koa, and plans to build some tenors, so far has just been building concerts. He has a solid oak one and a solid pecan one for sale.
    But I asked him if he would consider building me a bari, and I got a resounding NO. Because it would entail new molds. Geez.
    He said he is snowed under by repair work, and hinted around that I should stop referring my ukeing friends to his shop. I told him he needs a protege, but he doesn't have room for anyone. He isn't amenable to expanding at all. I told him he charges too little.
    He has about 80 broken instruments.
    He's very hard to get off the phone, but won't attend the open mics I invite him too, less than a mile away.
    I think he's a hermit. He would probably love for me to leave him alone. He does seem to enjoy showing me around....
    Are all luthiers this "interesting"?
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    My favorite part is where he tells you to stop sending him business. A somewhat more reasoned response would be: "Thanks for sending people my way, but I have had to recommend them to another luthier as I knew I wouldn't be able to get to their projects in a timely manner."
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    He's probably doing it for love.....

    I think most luthiers do it for the pleasure it gives them to see their creations coming alive.
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    Nothing wrong with being a hermit, which I have been known to emulate from time to time.

    Some folks just have priorities other than money or fame, especially if basic needs are covered and the bills are paid.

    Maybe he is one of these folks?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nickie View Post
    Are all luthiers this "interesting"?
    Yes; all of them.
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    Send your friends and colleagues to Todd at Portland Fretworks.

    As I've shown in this thread, his work his exemplary and he appreciates the business.

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