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Thread: Interested in More Info on this Pono Tahitian TT-4

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    Hey, this kind of fell off my radar for a bit, but...

    I am by no means a ukulele expert, but I think that the previous notes about this Pono TT-4 lacking depth and range aren't quite right. The video really doesn't do it justice. It does sound more like a traditional Hawaiian concert than a tenor, but the quality of the notes is just tremendous. I let some more advanced players give it a try at a ukulele meetup and it was really nice. I've also noticed that the length of the fingernails on my strumming hand changes the tone far more than adjusting the soundhole against my body (though maybe my technique on that is bad). I've started keeping my thumbnail longer for picking and shortening my other nails to get a softer strum.

    The feel of this instrument is just incredible though. The wood is so nice and it's beautiful to look at. Obviously this isn't a $3,000 custom instrument, but the leap from the $50 starter Kala I had was unbelievable. I don't really know how to describe it other than you hold it and you know you're holding a piece of art.

    Here's a really bad video of me playing it for my pup while learning a new song and sounding generally terrible (cell phone quality mic and all):

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Hanks View Post
    Well, that's different! Love Kimo's "serious" face at about 5:05.
    Kimo makes great faces. I like watching him play.

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