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Thread: Season 260 : Roads Girdle the Globe

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    For Season of the ukulele 260 ("Roads Girdle the Globe"), we're doing songs that have "street, road, boulevard", etc. in their titles.

    Here's "The Stories of the Street" by Leonard Cohen, with lyrics as current as when the song was written fifty years ago. For baritone ukulele with singing, and Ubass overdub (off screen).

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    My zoom mysteriously started working for this season. Keep on the sunny side [of the street] folks.
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    Great theme. I too was thinking last night and doing math in my head when I figured out that 5 years ago a handful of us here had seen a post for a contest to win a shiny new ukulele. I believe this weeks host did 'King Tut', I did 'A Little Bit Me' by the Monkees and UkeDaddy did a Neil Diamond song, along with a lot of great Seasonistas. I truly believe that the SOTU has made all of us much better uke players. I would love to hear from our original host.

    For this weeks awesome theme I put together a simple song that I have loved since childhood along with some super 8 video footage I took along Portland's River Walk near where I work. I won't be surprised if this song makes it onto the playlist a few times this week. Here is Simon and Garfunkel's, '59th St. Bridge Song'

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    This is a little song that was on one of Harry Nilsson's early albums. The song was written by Nilsson's mother, and references the 1946 parade shown in the background.

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    This is not an entry! It's a BONUS - it's my entry for Season 60 something. Probably my most popular song with a Road in it. I'll have to dig deep for this theme

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    One of the many wonderful benefits of the Seasons is that, in your search for a song that works (and that you might be able to try to play), you run across an undiscovered gem. Like this one, from George Thorogood's "Bad to the Bone" album. Great blues song. I flubbed a few changes, but it's fun.

    Playing this on my Bonanza longneck soprano, which is for sale on the marketplace.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harry122 View Post
    From the 1942 Hope/Crosby movie of the same name:

    Completely forgotten about this. Great pick!

    For your further viewing enjoyment, here's a couple of pics from our time in Morocco. Rainbow in the desert. Yep, we're in the desert, on camels. It starts raining. "This is very unusual!" our guide tells us. "No? Really?!" we respond. "'Cos like, we never imagined a desert would be anything other than filled with rain..."

    If our guide had known anything about British holiday weather, though, he wouldn't have been surprised. It was a Bank Holiday Monday

    Rest of the pics here:
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    There isn't actually any road in Texas that is named "Gulf Coast Highway," but this description could be of any number of roads along the gulf coast. And yes, rice is grown in Texas.

    Texas usually ranks as the nation’s fourth or fifth highest producing rice-growing state, producing about 7 percent of the nation’s supply. Most Texas rice is grown near the Colorado River in Colorado, Wharton and Matagorda counties. Texas rice farmers count on this water to irrigate land along the Gulf Coast. In addition to rice farmers, customers include a significant number of row-crop farmers, turf grass growers, industries and commercial operations.

    There is a highway 90, running east/west from Van Horn in far west Texas to Orange near the Louisiana border. If you ever have to drive across central Texas, and you don't mind taking a slower but more picturesque route, use highway 90 instead of interstate 10.

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    A little Green Day for the Season.
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    PaBrizzer original with crushed harmonica, vitamin enriched vocals and concentrated extra bits.

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