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Thread: 262. You Want It Darker.

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    Here's a poem for you

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    Nights. Seven of 'em. In 1:24.

    There's a certain Electric Prunes song I'm tempted to try but I would be very happy if someone more talented than me did it!
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    Another off Cohen's last album.

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    I asked Jessica (my amazing partner/wife/hero) which Leornard Cohen best fit the "songs of the night" theme. It took her a couple seconds to start singing this one.

    -Ralf Youtz

    My videos are here.

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    I did this once before as a song that my oldest daughter used to like me to sing. She loved the part about "fall through the skies", and I did a happy take then. This is a one take special that is closer to the original, which not only mentions Night in the title, but turns pretty dark around the third verse.

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    This is a song by The Smithereens.

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    For Season of the Ukulele 262, we're asked to play "songs of the night". Here's "End of the Night" by the Doors. Brian plays tenor ukulele and sings, Anais plays synthesizer and sings, and Borfus plays the Ubass and sings.

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    Evening folks.
    Incredible beginnings.
    Thank you. Observations thus far on this first day of the journey.

    Wim. Because the Night.
    wonderful cover Wim. wonderful. the torment of the*lyrics is carried in your voice. urgent. passionate. beautiful. thanks mate.
    Brian. Traveling Light.
    wow mate. what a cover. seriously. thank you. this hit me in the heart.
    Wim. Tower of Song.
    unique and beautiful interpretation of* this song Wim. could feel you mate. every word. shows Cohen's humility in spades and somehow his self assurity too. Thank you brother.
    Brian. It's Getting Dark.
    amazing mate. exactly the kind of creativity I was hoping for. amazing song. thank you. let's hope there comes a dawn.
    Tommy. Long Black Veil.
    wonderful song brother. wonderful performance. thank you Tommy.
    Lefty. I Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight.
    OMG mate. How good is this then. Thanks for the joy of this performance Dave. You play and sing it perfectly. Ike would be proud. Can you see him smiling now. Not as wide as this guy here in Hobart though. You're the best Lefty. Thank for this mate, this is a gift.
    Alan. Here In Frisco.
    Such a beautiful song. You killed this Alan. This is just superb mate. Thank you.
    Fred. Awake.
    Wonderful song Fred. Your voice is rich and emotive and the melody is so pretty and sad. Superb writing and performance brother. Thank you.
    Fred. Another Saturday Night.
    Lovely contrast to your original Fred, and one I wasn't expecting.*This had my toes tappin and my heart smiling. Sweet rhythm. The new instrument sounds awesome mate. Thank you my friend.
    Linda. Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye.
    Linda this is amazing. Thank you for this gift. A stunning performance. You dug into the depths of the lyrics and exposed your soul. Beautiful.
    Heino. Nightmare.
    Even if you don't like it. This is a trip brother. Cuts deep. Beautiful. Poignant and real. Your reading has incredible depth and soul. The verses have their own melody .This is special, man. You are extremely talented. Thank you.
    Rick H. Seven Nights.
    Saturday, Sunday any chick'll do. haha! Awesome one brother. Not heard it before. You kicked it's butt. One on my to-learn-list. Loved this*Rick. Thank you.
    Brian. Seemed A Better Way.
    Bloody hell you know how to cut peoples' insides open mate. This is a journey. Beyond superb. Leonard is smiling. And cursing.
    Ralf. The Night Comes On.
    So powerful mate. The inflections in your voice, the spaces you made within the song. You did this as close to perfectly as anyone could have. It's an incredible song and you may as well have written it your damn self. Thank you Ralf.
    Rick(Greenie). Night Time.
    Big Star! Magic choice, my friend. Jesus, Rick you have one almighty rainbow storm of a voice. So smooth, so damn majestic. One of the finest covers I've heard in a long time. Evocative as all hell. Thank you brother.
    Jim. Alone At Midnight.
    Oh man. Jim. YES. Just, yes. Maybe I'm the only other seasonista who knows this song, maybe not. But in any event, I worshipped the Smithereens mate. I have all their rekkids on vinyl and cassette. You really nailed this brother. Love the way you backed off the tempo and found the beautiful soul of the song. You're one of my favourite writers and players. Thank you.

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    Default're looking kinda lonely mate. Would you like someone new to talk to?
    HAD TO BE DONE- Dr. Hook. Sharing the night together. I can't thank you enough for the laughs that came with this...
    Let's all climb into mom's red on red Ford LTD and play a song together.
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    For Season 262 of the Ukulele, we're playing songs by Leonard Cohen. Here's "One of Us Cannot be Wrong", played on baritone ukulele.

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