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    Cool My first tune

    So Its been been about 3 weeks since I first bought my Ukulele, my first and only instrument. I've been practicing quite a bit, learning to play dozens of songs.

    This one is a bit simplistic and short, kind of a nostalgic type of tune. Just came up with it out of nowhere. Even though it's simple, I find it very relaxing to play. I couldn't stop playing it over and over. There's a really nice resonance going on with the 3rd string. The strum is just a simple down pattern times 8 for each note.

    I call this tune "morning rays". That's basically what I was seeing when I came up with, a beautiful morning with that kind of atmospheric haze, with light rays shining in through the blinds on the wall.

    The recording is by no means perfect, especially since I was recording near my PC and needed to adjust things to keep the background noise down. There's also clearly imperfections in the song and transitions, I didn't want to spend all day trying to record it until I got everything down perfect, but still I hope people enjoy it.

    No vocals, just instrumental. Played on my Kala Pacific Walnut Tenor.
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