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Thread: my ukulele progress

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    I lucked out this year. I am contractually bound to indulge my woman's whimsies. When she wants a proper holiday meal, I make it. You know the deal: turkey, white stock gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, sweet potato pie. However this year she doesn't want anything and I am obliging her.

    I saw a thread on fret board mathematics. However I didn't really contribute anything because I don't think it is helpful...musically. That's been my experience. I've done some cerebral things (like using flash cards to memorize the notes of a fret). I did gain knowledge, but it didn't seem to help my playing any. So, yeah, I do see things. I see that if you barre the first three strings, it is a minor triad and if you barre the last three strings, it is a major triad. But it doesn't really help my improvising; there is too much lag time involved. The only thing that really helps is knowing your intervals and the shapes of the various chord qualities based on those intervals. That, with practice, allows you to move all over the fret board. The rest isn't as helpful.

    I am deeply enamored with my new cast iron wok. Since this is the last day of my vacation, I made my wife some stir fry: I fried two salmon patties and two eggs for protein. Then in the wok I threw in some ghee, onions, and garlic. I added spinach, salmon, and rice. I topped with some oyster sauce and sesame oil. I call this stir fry versus egg fried rice because I do some idiosyncratic things which probably preclude this dish's acceptance by the likes of Uncle Roger.

    Musically speaking, I started messing around with tritones and E. I was using the E Aiolian #7 as a basis for that. One thing led to another. I started mixing E Aiolian with the B Phrygian. Running to the end of the B Phyrgian, I would slide up a fret to the re-entrant D# super Lokrian bb7 and the linear B Phrygian minor. From there, work my way down through the F# lokrian 13, E Aiolian #7 and the D# super lokrian (this time in linear). So, in essence, I was wanking around somewhere between the 7th and 19th frets.
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    My practice has been rather desultory today.

    I started with that old folk song "500 miles" which somehow became lodged in my brain. I tinkered around and worked out the melody.

    Then I worked on improvising some lines based around the E Aiolian #7, mixing in notes from the F# Lokrian 13, B Phrygian Dominant, and the dominant shape of the E minor pentatonic.

    Lastly, I re-created to the best of my memory a progression I was playing last week. It was

    D13 | D13 | D#13 | G+

    I like that augmented G at the end of the turnaround. The notes of the chord are very close to those of E minor, so it implies a return to the tonic. I suppose there isn't anything very surprising in that since G is the III chord in the key of E harmonic minor and III chords are used as a substitute for the tonic since they are the secondary relative minor.

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