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Thread: ukulele fretboards from ebay

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    Default ukulele fretboards from ebay

    hi community,

    i was wondering does anybody have any experience with those reasonably priced, free shipping fretboards from ebay? i was searching throughout the internet and this forum and i can't seem to find any information or reviews about them.

    i presume they are not world class stuff, but did anybody ever bought them and would they buy them again?

    and overall, is ebay a good (solid) place to buy stuff like bridges, nuts etc...

    thanks in advance

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    I bought some concert scale fretboards, quite cheap & they appear to be useable.

    I say that because I was going to try making a (practice/quiet) stick uke sometime - but I did use one to help teach myself where the notes are.

    I just wrote the notes on it, & put it in front of me whilst I practiced.
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    I would contact LMI
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    I have a few, and the quality is pretty mediocre. If you order ones that are pre-fretted, be prepared for huge frets. The wood is not of high quality, and the way the fingerboards are finished may make it hard to adjust them for the neck width you want. There is a LOT of filler on the inlay as well.
    I also had a problem where I ordered a guitar fretboard and it was packed so poorly that it showed up in pieces. The fret slots are very deep and uneven, so it was quite weak. They sent another for free, with better packing, but the slots were still ridiculous.
    A month ago, I got to play one of those Vietnamese-made super inlaid ukes that are all over ebay. Big thick neck, big thick top, tiny muffled sound, but what a pretty inlaid back!

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    I ordered a couple of tenor fretboards from ebay. They were sold as 'kmise' brand. One maple, one rosewood. Quality was fine, but you have no choice on the width of course.
    Just a a couple things: 1. I would have preferred if the frets were just a bit taller (my preference). 2. You need to do some careful measuring for scale length and nut position. Do not assume that your nut should just go flush with the end of the fretboard. You will need to do some careful measuring from 1st to 12th fret, and calculate now far the nut must be from the first fret, and cut the fretboard to the right spot for the nut. You must also then calculate actual scale based on these distances to place the bridge. If you just assume the scale, you will get it wrong. Even the scale between the two fretboards that i received was not quite the same, so they each had their own measurements.

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    Hana Lima and Mainland Uke are two great sources. Good people to work with if you have problems/ questions

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