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Thread: Do you still play your first ukulele?

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    Smile Do you still play your first ukulele?

    On a whim, I pulled out my first ukulele from the closet. It's a Stagg UC80 concert with a solid mahogany top that I bought a little over five years ago. I had never changed the strings (that seemed such a daunting task when I was a new player!), and between feeling the action was too high (I don't feel this way now), my beginner inability, and no doubt the influence of the forum here too, I quickly bought a nice tenor and a nice soprano, thinking that the concert size was neither fish nor foal and my instrument subpar.

    I retrieved it from the storage room this morning, cleaned it properly, oiled the dried out fretboard, and replaced the five year old strings with Aquila Reds after remembering that I had a pack. One of the tuner buttons had broken, so I ordered a set on ebay that I hope will fit, and in the meantime tuned that string with an oversized guitar tuner button. The strings are still settling, but I sat there for a couple hours just noodling and enjoying it. It sounded great to me, and I must admit I enjoyed the concert size too (determining that was actually why I got it out).

    I think I wish I had stuck with that concert a bit longer, back when I started, before deciding that I needed something better or different! It's not such a bad little uke after all. I just didn't know.

    Do you still have and play your first ukulele?

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    My first uke was a gorgeous Kala KA-ST. I played it for about six months, heard that setup was important, took it in to get set up and found that the neck profile was such that it would never play well up the neck. It was rehomed and UAS was off to the races...
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    Mine is a Lanikai LU-21C which had horrible, carpal tunnel inducing action on it when I got it. I took it to a guitar shop to have the action lowered and now it plays like a breeze. It also has some kind of "X" factor which I can't explain. My other ukes aren't any more difficult to play but my Lanikai is almost more pleasurable to play. Maybe it's because it was my first uke and it's a sentimental factor. I think it sounds pretty good too, not at the same level as my other ukes, but it doesn't sound cheap or lame like some starter ukes do. I was going to try and sell it at one point when I got my other two ukes but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I think it's a keeper and I probably play it about 40% of my uking time.
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    My first was a Kala KA-TEM. After playing for a few years, I gravitated to concerts and kept the tenor as a travel uke. I re-homed the tenor a couple years ago; the buyer is still playing it.

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    I took my first ukulele back to the store. It was a Martin C1K and had terrible intonation problems. So while the Martin was technically my first ukulele, I didn't spend much time with it. I then bought a Teton solid wood concert which was the only uke in the store that had good intonation. I later gave the Teton to my son I after I eventually purchased another Martin C1K, as I couldn't get that lively resonant sound out of my head, and this one has pretty good intonation. So I'll classify the Teton as my first ukulele and, no, I don't play it anymore.

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    My first ukulele was a KoAloha soprano that I eventually ended up selling. But shortly after getting that first ukulele, I picked up a Keith Ogata tenor that is still my go to uke... so almost a yes since I've been playing that one for 10 years.


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    No, it was a bari, and I quickly realized I wasn't ready to play an instrument that felt like a small guitar, so I gave it to a friend who couldn't afford to buy a uke. I haven't seen it since.
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    Yep, it's sitting right next to me in its case, and I've played it every day since I got it a couple months ago. It's a Pono deluxe mahogany baritone, and the only uke I own.

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    Yes, I turned into my beater. It is a Makala concert. It is still a good uke and it is still going strong. The longer I have it, the more I appreciate just what a good deal it was. It goes to the beach a lot. Also my wife plays it once in a while.
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    No. It was a Harmony bari, from Harmony's Chicago days. Unique. It was scarred by fire--scorch marks and everything--in a music store fire. Sounded GREAT! And...I sold it when I got divorced because I needed the money. Still kicking myself...for selling the uke, that is.

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