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Thread: Do you still play your first ukulele?

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    Mine was a Mahalo - which I spent ages setting up properly. It sounded great.... eventually. I gifted it to a friend wanting to play when I bought my next Uke.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikelz777 View Post
    Mine is a Lanikai LU-21C which had horrible, carpal tunnel inducing action on it when I got it. I took it to a guitar shop to have the action lowered and now it plays like a breeze. It also has some kind of "X" factor which I can't explain. My other ukes aren't any more difficult to play but my Lanikai is almost more pleasurable to play. Maybe it's because it was my first uke and it's a sentimental factor. I think it sounds pretty good too, not at the same level as my other ukes, but it doesn't sound cheap or lame like some starter ukes do. I was going to try and sell it at one point when I got my other two ukes but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I think it's a keeper and I probably play it about 40% of my uking time.
    Interesting - I got a couple of Lanikai LU-21Cs from Butler Music as gamblers specials, did setup work on them, sold one and gave the other as a gift. I thought they sounded better than any $25 uke I've ever encountered. Amazing bang for the buck - I wish I'd have hung onto one.
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    I bought a solid cedar/rosewood Ohana soprano from MIM a few years ago as my first uke. I love it and play it regularly. Since I had been playing stringed instruments for awhile, I decided to spend a bit more money to buy something I thought would be worth keeping. I don't plan on selling it. It was a great gateway drug...
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    My first was a Makala MK-S soprano. I thought it was a great little uke and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the model to someone looking for an entry-level instrument. It did end up being the 'victim' of my earliest experiments in amateur lutherie - bone nut and saddle and friction tuners were all installed. Eventually, it was time for me to move along and it found its way to the local charity shop. Hopefully it got rehomed.

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    My first was a 50's gold label Kamaka soprano, which I inherited, and had not been played for 40 years, as far as I know. Just got back from repair 1 month ago. So, I've been spoiled right from the start, yet very fortunate to have gotten this little gem. Got a hard case right away, and humidifier carefully. It all started there I did manage to survive my first month by only buying 2 more. On to the next month!

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    Bought a Cordoba 15CM - haphazardly tossed it into a papasan and snapped the neck right of the body! Got it glued back by a luthier friend, put some Aquila reds on wife plays it occasionally and I dropped a cheap pickup into it to see if I could. In the first position it plays alright, up the neck it's too far gone. Mostly a wall hanger but I can't get rid of it! It went on too many adventures!

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    Some interesting responses so far! Slightly surprised how many of us still have, and still play (again), their first ukulele. For myself, I'm also intrigued by how differently I perceive my first uke. Experience and practice do change us.

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    Yes, my first uke didn't play very well - but it seems to be OK now.........
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    My first uke was a Ka-Lai Hawaiian pineapple Uke (with the pineapple on it) given to me by my Hawaiian Godmother, Nona. It hung on different walls in different houses with the same strings for 50 years! Then, I decided that I wanted to sing more, so I took it down and, Glory be, it still played. It's a bookshelf uke in my music room now.

    The first uke that I bought is a Kala KASEM soprano. I play it once in a while, but I decided that I prefered concerts and above so it's mostly a wallhanger now.

    I don't have time to play any of 'em anymore, and I seldom sing with them -- ahhh, well . . .
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    Yup. A Cordoba 20TM-CE which I love. Though I'm toying with adding another uke of a different size just to play around. Either a concert or baritone. Or maybe both. Or maybe another tenor. Sigh. Yeah, there are just so many different options, I can't decide. For the moment I'm focusing on just learning to play better while I go down the rabbit hole of sound samples.

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