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Thread: Free video editor recommendations

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    If you have an iOS device and iMovie doesn’t cut it for you (iMovie is free on Mac and iOS, and is surprisingly good on iOS), I have been using Luma Fusion to edit all of my videos and I would highly recommend it. If you see any of my videos, I need a way to have multiple video sources at one time, and Luma Fusion allows for 3 (for me: background, text, and a “follow the chord” cursor). It isn’t free, but it costs very little compared to PC/Mac paid video editing software. I know that is out of the thread...but someone might be reading and wondering what is out there and good (great) to use with their mobile device. I can’t speak to Android, but I can address iOS.
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    I agree Choriguy. LumaFusion has added features since my #2 post and it now does everything I need it to do and more. Sure, there are more powerful desktop packages costing hundreds more, but for my needs, I agree with you that I can't recommend it highly enough.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Croaky Keith View Post
    Usually, it just imports & edits pre recorded sound & film clips.

    If you want to record, usually best to use a video recorder, camera, or cellphone.

    You can also normally import sound files & add pictures as well as video clips.
    Interesting! Most camcorders I've looked at don't take an external mic until you get to the high end models, and since a lot of video effects kinda detract from the music performance I think I'll stick with my current setup (recording on a laptop with external mic and camera). But I might look around for some better video creation software as windows movie maker is not liking my Win 10 machine at all!

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