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Thread: Uke luthier in southern CA/ Los Angeles area?

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    Los Angeles, near the Beverly Center.


    I wonder if rufustf found someone, no posts since the first day of this thread over 11 days ago. I'm curious exactly where rufustf lives if any of our suggestions are close enough.

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    Ventura, CA


    Brian Beverly at Ojai Valley Ukulele made my main tenor.
    "The Natives Are Restless” by Jill Martini & The Shrunken Heads. Used by Romero Tiny Tenor for 99.5% of the lead work on this album.

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    Thank you for all the suggestions, I've got a few promising leads here. Also still in touch w/Tomas as to finding an outcome to this that is agreeable. The uke is, of course, a top notch build, but the extra 1/8" of neck width is not what I wanted.

    Update: I was unable to work out a fair arrangement with Tomas. I thought I had, and upon showing up at his shop it became quickly apparent he hadn't actually read my email at all and had just made a bunch of incorrect assumptions, much like when he built my uke! So, unless you are very flexible about what you want in an instrument, don't use this shop. A real shame too, as he is quite skilled and is probably the last of a three generation family of luthiers. Still, if you don't pay attention to what your customers write down for you,......
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