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Thread: Ab7 alternatives? Technique?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ceobob View Post
    I have tried it a few times already and it is already feeling more natural.
    It's not supposed to be natural, it's A flat 7!

    Sorry, that was a cheap gag. I'll get my coat...

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    Or, you could just try playing the G#7.....

    I know, I've already been called that.....
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    I usually play 5646 for an Ab7.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ProfChris View Post
    Ab7 at 1323 is easier than you think. This is how I got it.

    First, you already know G7 (0323). So take a song you know which has plenty of G7s in, but finger them with fingers 2, 3, and 4 (i.e. don't use your index finger).

    Once you can play G7 comfortably like this, slide the shape up one fret and then simply place your index finger on the G string 1st fret. Result, a perfect Ab7!

    That's exactly how I learned it couple of months ago. The key is to train your pinky!

    One little exercise I try to do every day is to play the easy C-F-G7-C-G7-C progression with your middle,ring and pinky. Do not use your index finger.

    The more you work out your pinky, the more advanced stuff your fingers will be able to play!
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    It doesn't sound like you're having trouble playing the chord, but fitting it in with the progression. The solution to your frustration is in your question. You must practice.
    Practicing is not the same as playing. Put in the time playing the passage very slowly, and never speed up. After some weeks or months, you will wonder what the problem was.
    It all falls apart when our patience fails us. We get close and decide we can go at performance tempo after a few minutes. Doesn't work that way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ksiegel View Post
    or 3-2-3-x, and just ignore the G string.
    This is my approach. Science and astrology tell us that Ab7 is just a passing chord and you will not hang out there long... ever. Three fingers are plenty.
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