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Thread: Season 269 - Cowboy Songs

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    Cool season! I've missed a lot it seems. Where does the time go?

    I thought we could use a little Guy Clark here

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    Jon did the song ages ago and it just slayed me. I doubt it is still online but I have a copy of it and I watch it from time to time.

    After my dad died I went through a lot of his music and Don Edwards was in there. I ran into this song again and I decided to play it at my dad's life celebration we had recently. It seemed fitting. I wish I had recorded it then but I decided to give it another go without all of the tears. Guess I'm still working through some sh*t

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    It's the songs, isn't it?

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    When this theme was announced, I thought I was in serious trouble. I didn't think I knew any cowboy songs, but it turns out I have a couple. I had one that I was practicing, and with a bit of luck I'll bring it later in the week, but this one kind of took hold of me and I had to learn it and play it. This is from a western movie called "The Proposition."

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    Default Yes, siree, we're a vanishing race. No sirree, can't last long...

    Gotta be a song in there somewhere...

    Last 'Cocaine Cowboy' Arrested in Orlando - Rolling Stone.

    ... actually, couldn't you just adapt 'Rhinestone Cowboy'? :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Barbablanca View Post
    Here is an original written especially for this week. It is inspired by my memories of reading a book, some 30+ years ago, entitled "The Real West" which busted all the myths about the Wild West that Hollywood, especially, had made us believe. It made a great impression on me at the time - but a lot of what it said is now common knowledge. It seems MGM's portrayal of the old west is probably as accurate as our contact with aliens will eventually resemble the encounters in Star Trek
    Hollywood never let the facts get in the way of a good story.

    I've been watching Michael Portillo's train journey across the West recently (Michael Portillo is a former UK politician who's made several TV series called "Great Railway Journeys") There was an interesting item on Frank & Jesse James in one episode and how they became mythologised.
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    Is Merle Haggard a cowboy? I hope so, I picked out this gem, Mama Tried. I know his parents were from Oklahoma, and he lived in CA somewhere. Also spent some time in San Quentin jail. decide if he is a cowboy.


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    Good songs, good debates, good fun! This has been quite a cattle drive so far! Keep on rolling!

    hendulele • Boots and Saddle • When I was a kid, we didn't have a cowboy for that show, we had a train engineer, "Colonel Caboose." We did get some train songs, though! I'm a huge Gene Autry fan, I never get sick of his songs or him movies. This is a good choice, thanks for bringing it to this roundup!

    Jazzbanjorex • I'd Rather Be A Cowboy • My local uke group plays many John Denver songs, but we haven't played this one yet. I'm gonna correct that, this is a terrific song, and I love your treatment! Nice Powell-painting in the back, too!

    AlanDP • Pecos River Queen • Another Don Edwards! You're spoiling me! Well done, this is a really good song!

    IAmNoMan • Ballad of Cat Ballou • Oh this was such a great movie, especially Lee Marvin! This is a welcome addition to this Season, thanks!

    bonesigh • Sweet Baby James • Not just a great cowboy song, this is one of the greatest songs ever. I love your treatment. Thanks so much!

    Jazzbanjorex • Big Iron • There's just something special about a Marty Robbins song, he really could weave a story. Love your background, love your performance!

    librainian • Indian Cowboy • A fine addition to the Season! Well done, great, sad, song!

    librainian • Coyotes • Oh boy, that is extraordinary. So good.

    decaturcomp • Joe Walker's Mare • Wow. Good song, and an amazing performance.

    robinboyd • The Rider Song • This is new to me. Good song! Good take on it too!

    Ginas uke • Mama Tried • If Merle Haggard ain't a cowboy, there ain't no such thing as cowboys. Good song, thanks for adding it to the Season!
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    Ian Tyson Started out as a Rodeo Rider as a Teenager. He learned guitar while mending from a fall. As such this is an authentic Cowboy song. I have been singing it since the mid '60s. It is my favorite Ian Tyson song.

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    Songfacts claims it to be a cowboy themed song, so here is my take on Bruce Springsteen - Devils and Dust.
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