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Thread: GoldTone Custom Baritone Banjolele

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    Default GoldTone Custom Baritone Banjolele

    Bump - Essentially a BUB neck mated to a traditional 11" pot with a rolled brass tone ring custom made from GoldTone. 19" scale with a 1.375" nut width. GoldTone HSC included.
    $475 insured and shipped to the 48 states.
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    This might be a dumb question, but what is the difference between a baritone banjolele and a tenor banjo?

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    I should be curling up with a good uke, a book and my dog.

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    Tenor banjos have a 1.125" nut width and a 21.375" to 23" scale. The pots are similar. I personally am not comfortable with the reduced nut width.
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