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Thread: Testing a new Aquila string that may be coming out soon

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    Default Testing a new Aquila string that may be coming out soon

    For the last couple of weeks, I have been testing out a possible new string set for Aquila. I don't know what materials are being used for this string, but I do know that they are not strictly a fluorocarbon string but a blend of some sort. They are strung up on my Pono (mahogany) tenor uke.

    I'll cut to the chase and say that I love these strings! if they come to market I will be buying a set to try on all my ukes.

    The string diameters are approximately...

    They are clear (no color) strings, very smooth. Similar diameters to fluorocarbon strings, if not a little thicker. I am told the same density as the nylguts.

    Overall, I would say these are a bright but still round, so they have some warmth to them. Which may sound at odds, bright and warm, but I don't know how else to describe it. They have very good volume and are well balanced string to string. Really a vibrant and articulate string set. They pair really well with a wound C/3rd string, which is what I play. I think because they are vibrant, they don't get overpowered by that wound string like some sets can, which is wonderful for me.

    They do well strummed or fingerpicked. Strummed I can hear all notes, nothing got muddy. I think they really shine when you fingerpick though. Maybe because they still have that warmth to them and are so clearly defined that they really shine there. They respond well to your input, a soft touch or hard.

    While they have good sustain, they might have a touch less than the Savarez fluorocarbon set that I had on previous to these.

    One small con I guess, and very minor to me, is that they can make a little noise. They have what I'll call a "squeaky clean" squeak to them. While fingerpicking you may get some squeak from the flesh of your finger as you play. It is not loud and I don't think it can be heard over your playing but it is there sometimes. It did diminish quite a bit as I played them in though and Mimmo did say he was aware of it and would correct it.

    One last thing...I have had no breaks or snaps with these strings. I know Aquila has had some issues with the Reds, which I loved by the way but had more than a few breaks with those. These have been on for a couple of weeks and i play them issues at all. Also, no special mounting procedure needed or used.

    Please keep in mind, I am not an expert or professional musician. Strings are very subjective and this is just my impression and an attempt to describe the strings sound and performance. I am not affiliated with Aquila in any way and I don't currently use any Aquila strings. While I did try and like the Reds, I had break issues and stopped using them. I have tried pretty much every string out there though, and I like these...a lot.

    Mimmo did give me permission to post here that I was testing these strings. Thanks Mimmo.
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    Thanks for the full report. It was very well done and extremely helpful. I really do appreciate you giving the diameters of the strings. I use diameters all the time as a starting point for tone and to mix and match if I need to.

    After teasing a few friends for about two years about the "Reds" I finally tried them , along with the Carbonblacks. I was very impressed with both and will be doing a bit of a A/B comparison review soon.

    I will definetly give these new ones a try when they come out, I like those diameters. Thanks again.
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    Nice review. Thank you. Do we have a code name for these new clear strings yet? Does Mimmo have a launch date? I must compliment Aquila for pushing the boundaries and continuing to try new formulas. I tried and liked the Reds. I tried and liked lava's but found C string on my tenors a bit over powering. Put a red c on and nice combo on my old Sapele Opio. I'm waiting to do order to try carbon black. Nice reports on people using this. I will order a set of Aldrine's customs when I get a couple of sets of carbon blacks. Because I'm in Canada I like to do up a good size order a couple times a year. Any word on when testing is over and we become ready for helpful. I will buy and try.

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    They must be the AG x AQ strings.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gvelasco View Post
    They must be the AG x AQ strings.
    Well, the gauges don't match. According to that page, the AGxAQ C string is .041in/1.04mm whereas the the C string on the mystery set is .037in=.94mm. Just by way of comparison, the Living Water's low G string is .91mm so both these are very fat for a C string.
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    very well done hammer 40.
    a few more infos.
    These strings are made with a pretty new polymer that came from sugar cane.
    it has incredible behaviours. It is very transparent, hard and very well poished surface. I have done some instrumental laboratory tests: the sustain is 28% more than the fluorocarbon strings while the output in Joule (sic!) is of .68 decibel more that it. In short, it sound more and has more sustain than the florocarbon strings. The density of the material is 1.33 so it is like the Nylgut & gut strings. I am testing them on classical guitars and just a few on the Ukuleles. Thanks hammer 40 for your support. I have no idea what to do for the market. I take things slow just to avoid mistakes. No rush, it is wiser.
    The Aldrine Guerrero strings: they are made with a special kind of very transparent polymer's blend. The sound is indeed very round and even prompt. However, nothing to do with the other polymer we are testing. The density of the polymer is 1.08; this is why the strings are thicker than Nylgut and fluorocarbon one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mimmo View Post
    ... the sustain is 28% more than the fluorocarbon strings while the output in Joule (sic!) is of .68 decibel more...
    That sounds good to me, (I'm presently using flouros because of their sustain, sound & feel).

    But, if they use a wound string, they will be no good to me, as I can't stand them.
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    I emailed Aquila a list of how all their strings sounded to me, and what I was looking for in a string and they offered to send me a pair of these Sugar Cane strings...

    I can't wait to see what these sound like.

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    I tried the AGxAQ after trunk the carbon black. I liked aldrines strings a lot. Better I thin than the CB. I'm really looking forward to trying this new sugar cane based polymer given the descriptions from both OP and Mimmo. Aquila is definitely working to do new thing. Can't wait to try these strings.

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    Any news on general availability of these strings? I love fluorocarbon strings but would be open to something else that isn't Super Nylgut.
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