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Thread: Have a Martin C1K, should I keep dreaming of K?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PereBourik View Post
    But here's what you don't get: the detail on a "1" uke isn't as good. The finish is rougher. The tuners are cheaper. The fret work is a little less fine. The action is higher. The tone is pure Martin and the 1s are a little louder than the 2.
    Regrading the fret work and action comparison, that may be a generalization, but not a hard and fast rule. I was able to select my C1K right out of the box from the local Martin dealer and the action was as nice and low (how I personally prefer the action) with sot-on intonation and right on par with a 2 Concert the dealer had for me to compare with. The frets were also dressed just as nice with no sharp or protruding ends. Agree on the finish difference being more appealing on the 2, but the 1 I was fortunate enough to be able to select has a beautiful soft stain finish with no flaws anywhere. This C1K is a key reason why I prefer satin finishes, especially with Koa.

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    Have a Martin C1K, should I keep dreaming of K?
    Probably not. But you surely will.
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    Like you all commented, UAS will keep bugging me until I "do something about it", so I'd better start saving. But it's obvious that at this level of quality and $$ it makes a lot of sense to test the uke in person to see if it has the sound that I like or look for. Since I like to get ukes of different solid wood (my justification for UAS: "I'm a collector") the solid koa spot has already been filled by this C1K, so I'd consider (I think) a K-brand uke only if its sound is really special and different from what I already have .

    Also, it does look, though, that I landed with a very good little uke. I'm hearing good comments on the C1K!

    Thanks to all for your opinions.


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    I had a C1K and a Koaloha KCM 00 at the same time.

    The Martin sounded like a ukulele, no bells and whistles just a sweet very ukulele sound. The Koaloha is pretty much custom build not a bog standard factory uklele. It was very light, very well crafted, looked stunning and well... none of this would matter without sound. The sound was imo the kitchen sink in and all the bells and whistles. Responsive at low and high volumes with no ceiling.

    In the end I returned the C1K and... sold the Koaloha. I like a vintage tone so it's taste. I got a Martin S1 which you will prise from my cold dead hands. Still gotta try vintage Martin BUT, I have ticked off the K and regret nothing.

    If you want a sedate K get the others. If you want to wake the neighbors get a Koaloha. Aftercare is above standard too.

    Good luck with your search!

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    A K-brand ukulele is a lot different from C1K, but not necessarily significantly better.

    Buying a K-brand ukulele would make the most sense if you wanted to get a different size than a concert. Otherwise I would suggest to keep dreaming (and saving up the allowance), but not actually buying one. For about a year or so, at least.

    p.s. I used to have 5 ukuleles. Now I only have 2 but I enjoy having them a lot more. Not having enough time to play all 5 made me really anxious.
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    I think you should try a K brand... I did the opposite, I had a Kamaka HF-2 100th anniversary, a Kamaka HF-1 Gold label and an Imua Koa Soprano all three from Hawaii and felt incomplete when I saw the C1K and bought it work both ways!!! And I still love my C1K...Yes I'm guilty as charged for UAS!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by emarcano View Post
    Am I to expect something so much better/different from one of the K-brand ukes? Should I keep dreaming about one of those?
    In a word "No", but you can dream!

    I had a C1K and was dreaming of a K...the C1K doesn't give up much of anything in sound to any of the K's...
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