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Thread: Video with a Phone Only?

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    This was done a while back from my (Android) phone, outside, in the wind, with a ukulele that could not be tuned all the way.

    My future videos have been recorded with the computer, because when we replaced my old phone with a new used one, the front-facing camera never worked so I couldn't see what it was seeing to get everything lined up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Choirguy View Post
    To hold your phone, I suggest the new Glif from Studio Neat. I have owned several generations of Glif mounts--this is the best.

    An investment of a camera tripod is all that is needed for the Glif.
    That looks sweet! I ordered a full set. It looks much more secure and flexible than the one I currently use.

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    I've done a few recordings with my iPhone 6S. The sound quality is very poor... mines cuts in and out. Sounds like others have had better luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Choirguy View Post
    I also recommend turning comments off--it is amazing how mean and rude people can be hiding behind their computers.
    I have always left comments on and have only ever had one negative comment on nearly 700 videos and that was more of a critical comment than a nasty one.
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    It's worth trying - what do you have to lose? The last time I tried using a phone I was disappointed in the sound quality, and given the amount of time it took me to get a decent take, my phone got very hot and ran out of space pretty fast. But that was a couple years ago.

    I invested in a cheap Zoom Q2HD video recorder and love it:

    It was $99 when it was still available. If I had any problems with it, or got the itch to upgrade, I'd go for the new $159 Q2n:

    They do HD great without lagging or skipping and they're specifically made to record practices, gigs, and concerts. Plus they have HDMI out, so you can easily plug it into a TV so that you can see what's going to be recorded. With a decent SD card you can just let it run for several hours, which means start it up, then leave it alone and focus on your playing. You can always chop up the video later.

    With a phone there's always the chance someone will call or some notification will interrupt your recording.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JonThysell View Post
    I invested in a cheap Zoom Q2HD video recorder and love it. If I had any problems with it, or got the itch to upgrade, I'd go for the new $159 Q2n.
    You think that's bad? My camera is still the zoom q3:

    Max resolution 640x480 is grainy and terrible in low light. Still, it does the job for YouTube and the audio is really not bad at all. Lately I've started extracting the audio and giving it just a quick touch up (low pass filter, noise gate, level raise) before splicing back into the video before uploading.

    That Q2n looks like a good upgrade.
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    Lighting. It's all Voit the lighting. Plenty of light. Think you've got enough...add more light.

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