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Thread: Season of the ukulele 278: "YOU CAN'T SEE THE WOOD FOR THE TREES"

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    AlanDP suggested this one for me for this week, so I gave it a go.

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    This is another true story about my dad and a tree. I whipped this one out pretty fast, so don't expect too much.

    Well we had gone to see
    Some family
    Like we used to do
    They lived way up north
    In Temple (Texas that is)
    Cousins on my mom's side of the family

    Now my cousin's dad had a great big tree
    Growing in the back yard
    It grew higher than I could even see
    He said it was a sycamore
    The first time I ever saw a sycamore tree

    And my dad said, "Man, that thing makes some shade, don't it?
    But them old sandhills are prob'ly too dry for it grow."
    My cousin's dad said, "Maybe, but if you water it plenty, all the time,
    It might even grow in them old sandhills, you know."

    So he took out his pocket knife
    And he opened it with a click
    And he reached up and grabbed a small, low-hanging limb
    And he sliced off that little limb
    Clean and nice and slick
    While that giant sycamore rustled in the wind

    He said, "Just stick it in the ground,
    Don't have to plant it all that deep
    Just stick it in the sand and water it like..." well you know what he said
    He said, "Water it all the time, don't never let it get too dry
    Before you know it, it'll be higher than your head

    And that's what Daddy did, he stuck it in the ground
    And fed it with the air conditioner condensation drain
    So it had a steady flow all summer long, you know
    And when the winter came, it soaked up all the rain

    It shot up straight and tall, branches, leaves and all
    When it was one year old it was as high as the roof
    When it was two years old, it was as high as them old oaks
    That big old sycamore standing lonely and aloof

    Yeah, it's the only one around
    Tow'ring above the ground
    And now it's about the biggest tree on the place
    There's seven pines that you already know
    Not far away, alongside the road
    And even them big old pines, they know they've lost the race

    To that one huge sycamore tree
    It's really something to see
    There ain't no other tree that's around so big
    It's hard to believe that big old tree
    Standing there for the world to see
    Grew up from one tiny, cut-off twig
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    Never mind the words, just hum along and keep on going...

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    Here is a song written by Adirondack folk singer, Dan Berggren, called "Logging Roads, Graveyards, and Old Cellar Holes." It's not specifically about trees, (although trees and logging are mentioned), but it's about walking in the woods and finding interesting things that had been left there years before.

    The lyrics remind me of my own childhood growing up in the Adirondacks: exploring old logging roads on foot or horseback, finding tumbledown abandoned houses and barns in the middle of the woods (and yes, even old stone cellar holes and an abandoned - but more modern - foundation next door), overgrown orchards, and a forgotten family dump at a farm up the road, where I found some interesting bottles and pottery that looked many decades old. So, here is my contribution to this Season. Hope you enjoy, and thanks for listening!

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    Have you ever done so many failed takes on a song that you kind of hate the song after you finally finish? That's the way I feel about this song now. If this had been our first take, we wouldn't have kept it, but by this point, we were ready for bed.

    Oh and did we really just cover a Taylor Swift song?
    "Ah, Music. A Magic beyond all we do here!" - Albus Dumbledore.

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    Default 278-12

    I found a CCR song that had a tree by the Green River.

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    geetee - G T Wilson over on youtube - uploaded THE most gorgeous hawaiian dawn chorus vid, you can see it here

    i used the footage, and birdsong, in this vid for the season, with a homemade song, "the sun comes up over the trees"


    get it on, bang a gong, get it on

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    another little tree entry....

    cheers all!
    just trying to have fun and be silly!

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    Default My Father's House

    A song that doesn't mention woods, forests or trees in the title itself, but imagery of woods and trees runs right through the song. After coming home to the grim news of Grenfell Tower (less than 2 miles from my home), didn't really fancy taking on anything upbeat.

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    Default John Dominy's "Bury Me By the Sea"

    Although this song has a sea theme, the first verse mentions trees, and I think the overall gist of the song fits. It was written my a friend and former bandmate John Dominy, who is a fine young singer, songwriter, and guitarist.

    I recorded it in Daniel Boone National Forest in Kentucky, at the tail end of my recent 2-week camping road trip through parts of Appalachia and the Mid-West, which also included Ukulele World Congress, where I got to hang out and play with a bunch of former and current Seasonistas.

    - FiL


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