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Thread: Can't help falling in love finger picking tab!

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    Cool Can't help falling in love finger picking tab!

    I've been trying my best to find a version of "can't help falling in love" to learn whist I'm away on holiday!

    I've seen a fantastic tutorial here on ukulele underground in video format,

    However I'm soon to be flying off on holiday with my Ike, where I won't have internet, so ideally I'd love to find a version I can print off to learn by the pool!

    Can anyone point me in the direction of some tabs for it?

    If there is a version I'm sure this is the place to find it!

    Thank you as always!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Barrytone View Post
    Is this how "tab" vs "chord" debates start?

    To the OP: I have not found tablature for this song, but sheet music (music notation) is widely available. You can probably get a copy from your local library (if you're in the US) for free, or purchase a copy for less than $5 from an online service. If you input the melody line into a program like musescore (free) it will produce the ukulele tablature for you.
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    Default Can't Help Falling ....

    Some time ago I started with it but got stuck and forgot about it.
    Very basic.

    However I hope this is on any use for you....

    Have a nice vacation


    Can't Help Falling in Love with You.jpg

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    This song is huge among ukulele players in Japan - try searching for "好きにならずにいられない ウクレレ tab"

    I just did a quick and dirty search and came up with this one - can't vouch for the quality but it is indeed tab and not just chords. Hope that helps!

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    I just made a very basic transcription of this song. Hope this helps.

    Can't Help Falling In Love (pdf)
    UkeFever... ukulele tabs for free!

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    Thank you SO much, Putter - you have some WONDERFUL TABs available to members!!

    Well done on some terrific songs!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Putter View Post
    I just made a very basic transcription of this song. Hope this helps.

    Can't Help Falling In Love (pdf)
    Another great tab, thank you Putter.

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