Thanks everyone for weighing in. I just got back from a five-day business trip to Huntsville, during which I went out to dinner with a coworker and his wife. The coworker had hinted that his wife was intrigued by ukuleles, but we never got around to talking about them during dinner, because we were with a larger group. She remembered to bring it up as they were dropping me off at my hotel, and we sat in the parking lot while I told them about my experience with Jake in Colorado Springs, as well as the joys of owning and playing an ukulele. I'll be going back to Huntsville in a couple of weeks, and she insisted I bring one of my ukuleles. Spreading the joy! I should also mention that the second thing I did after getting home (first was unpacking) was to get out the vintage Kamaka and play while watching the local news. I never get tired of the sound, even in my clumsy hands.