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Thread: How many ukes do you own and how often does each get played?

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    Default How many ukes do you own and how often does each get played?

    I know that there are a lot of people here who own multiple ukes if not a collection of them. I was just curious about multiple uke owners:

    How many do you own? Size doesn't matter, if it's a uke, include it in the total.

    How often do each get played? Let's define regularly as weekly or 2-3 times a month. Monthly? Quarterly? Annually?

    I was kind of wondering where the tipping point is in the total number of ukes when some start becoming more part of a collection than a player.
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    I've thought about your question a lot too, mikelz777. I have 5 ukes and a coupla wall hangers. I don't play mine much anymore because I mostly play my banjos or other instruments, but I also have trouble giving all them a play too. Just dusting and examining them all takes a lot of time.

    I also have some trouble adjusting to the different sizes and string widths and tunings too, but I'm an old geezer and not as quick or agile as I usta be. I really think I'd be better off with just two or three instruments these days.

    I don't see how one with 10 or 15 ukes can get much enjoyment out of all of them, especially if they're stored away in humidified, closed up cases.

    But, I guess we're all marching to our own strums . . .

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    How many do you own? I just started playing a little while ago and I already own 6 but two are my wife's though (currently) she doesn't play them much at all.

    How often do each get played? I play 3 of mine all the time. Yesterday I played all three of them. One is a low G, one a high G and my other is an Outdoor Uke which I just leaving sitting around on the couch or chair and I'll pick it up sometimes just walking by it. My first tenor uke mostly just sits in the case as it doesn't sound as good as my other 2 uke's.

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    My only uke is a concert Flea made by The Magic Fluke Company. I have no desire for more ukes.

    UAS is not in my genes. If it were lost, stolen or damaged, I'd replace it with an identical concert Flea uke.

    I play it as often as possible, 'life permitting' of course - sometimes an hour per day, every day, and sometimes work and life gets in a the way and I simply have no time and it goes unplayed for a few days, and during that time I miss it.

    I have not had a vacation in a very long time (it's simply a luxury I cannot afford now) , so I've not had to consider the choice of 'traveling with it' or 'leaving it behind', but likely I would take it with me, as I do have a hard foam case for it.
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    My wife and I have 5 between us.
    My 'travel' uke is an inexpensive Cordoba plywood. It goes in the camper each time we go. I probably play every other day while camping.
    At home I play one of my vintage Oscar-Schmidt about once a week unless I find a new song I want to learn, then it is every day till I am comfortable with it.

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    My wife and I have 3 ukes between us. I play 2 of them every couple of days. Rarely touch the third, but my wife will pick that one up once a week or so.

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    I'm up to the most I've ever had at one time in 8+ years of playing: five, which I think may be one too many for me. They actually all get played - I'd estimate two of them daily, two of them every other day, and one seems to be mostly neglected at present but I expect that to change; if it doesn't, it will end up being re-homed.

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    I have 7 including my U-bass...the U-bass gets played weekly at a jam. My main player is my Kanile'a concert, which gets played usually twice a week at jams. I also sometimes take my old Martin to jams. Very Occasionally, I'll take my banjolele. My Islander, sometimes I grab off the wall to strum a quick tune or 2. The other 2, are mostly wall decorations, my first uke and the Fender Piha`ea rarely get played.
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    Well, I've got a few, & they get played when I feel it's the right one for the tune or song.

    Actually, harmonicas have taken over my spare time just lately, (& I've got a few of them too ), so my ukes aren't getting played as often as they used to, (I was a fairly regular poster in the Seasons thread).

    Presently, my most played are my Ohana solid mahogany long necks.

    (P.S. I also still have my starter ukes, but I'm aiming to pass them along to some organisation that can make good use of them.)
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    I have nine at the moment with three more on the way. Four concerts (three standard and one 16"), four tenors, and one baritone. The three incoming are tenors (one is 19"). In terms of tuning, the concerts are all re-entrant C except the 16" Rieck which is linear Bb. The tenors are all linear Bb except the Collings which is re-entrant Bb. And the Baritone is linear G (sometimes A).

    I keep three on wall hangers in my playing area, with usually another in a floor stand and sometimes a fifth one in a case near my playing chair. The others are in the closet. I rotate which ones are out periodically. The only "rule" is I always have both linear and re-entrant ukes in rotation, never solely one or the other.

    So, I regularly play 3-4 but which 3-4 I play depends on the songs I'm working on and the rotation. And while I may not play all four each time I play (pretty much daily), I more often than not play at least two of them.

    I have owned more than 50 ukes and as many as 13 at one time. It has been fun to experience so many different builders/woods/sizes. I don't like having things I don't use. Sometimes I think I should pare down to 4-5 or so. I've been very fortunate to own some pretty special (to me) ukes and it is getting more and more challenging to let go any of the ones I now have. It's always easiest to imagine parting with ones not in rotation, but then I get them out and play them and the decision becomes almost impossible again. But I have re-homed some special ukes and when it goes to somebody who truly cherishes the uke, it provides another type of joy which makes it a lot easier.
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