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Thread: Romero Creations Tiny Tenor "Affordable" (~$269) Version - Review

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    Quote Originally Posted by neo1022 View Post
    Pretty sure all Romero’s production ukes are made in Vietnam...
    What makes you sure? I remember that when the affordable version was first introduced at NAMM a couple of years ago, Pepe mentioned in an interview that these were made in China (whereas the all solid gloss models were made by Ayers in Vietnam). Later I heard that they have run into some quality control issues with the ones made in China, so they may have switched production places.
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    A close friend of Pepe's -- and someone who is in their direct supply line -- told me this. He could be wrong, of course, but from the very beginning I've heard from Pepe (in interviews) that these were being made in Vietnam precisely because the quality in the Chinese factories was inadequate for their standards. A text to Pepe would surely answer the question definitively, if he's willing to share...

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