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Thread: Crazy (Willie Nelson - Cover by Dean Beaver) Mojo MTU-60SP Uke

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    Default Crazy (Willie Nelson - Cover by Dean Beaver) Mojo MTU-60SP Uke

    Cover of Willie Nelson original song "Crazy" played on my new Ukulele ... Mojo MTU-60SP Mahogany Solid Top (Tenor)

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    Nicely done, Dean! Love the fingerpicking accompaniment!

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    Thank You Keonepax , I appreciate that you took the time to listen and comment. Your song cover of Summer Breeze is excellent btw, I had to have another listen on YT, beautifully done.

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    Chord Sheet attached. As a note, if you play this song you'll notice there is 1 x D and D7, I personally replace these two chords with F and Dm7 , can also be replaced with Dm and Dm7 , or simply played as it is written on the sheet. Either way works, I play it that way for the sake of simplicity and it is keeping all chords within key, basically reducing the amount of chords used from 15 to 13. It's not as difficult as it looks, quite a few chords are simple transitions or simply the addition of a pinky.

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