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Thread: I have a new Deering banjo uke...want to trade?

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    Default I have a new Deering banjo uke...want to trade?

    Any interest in a banjolele trade?

    The situation...I purchased a brand new concert Deering banjo uke. Its beautiful, its loud, it sounds amazing. The workmanship is top notch. I thought at the time of purchase, I wanted a banjo uke with a larger pot, like the Deering. But then I refurbished a small antique banjo uke and discovered that its that tinny plinky old time sound that I actually prefer. The Deering has that great banjo sound but its also a very full, which is what most want.

    This uke is practically brand new and has maybe an hour of playing time on it. The workmanship is about as flawless as it gets and it comes with a Deering gig bag. I was seriously impressed when I got it...and still am. Just hoping for something with a smaller pot and more of that plinky old sound. I paid $400 for the Deering and am hoping to get another concert banjo uke in the same approximate price range/quality...but also recognize mine may be almost new but is technically used so I cant price it as brand new. I would say at the top of my list would be a Gold Tone but any quality concert banjo uke would be considered. I would also consider trading for a vintage banjo uke.

    If there's interest, send me a pm. If there isn't...I will likely just sell it outright either here or on Reverb etc.


    SOPRANINO: Caramel 17" (zebrawood) "Cecil"
    CONCERT: Gretsch Roots Series G9110-SK (solid koa) "Pearl"
    VINTAGE/ANTIQUE: 1920 Rolando banjo uke "Grace"

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    I have a Recording King resonator uke that's gathering dust if you think you're interested in one.

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    Can't you just return it if it was bought new just recently?
    All for sale; pm me:

    Brand new Loprinzi Honduran mahogany soprano w new hardshell case. $350 -> 325

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    I'm liking your banjo uke. I sent you a PM.��

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