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Thread: Kala Elite USA and Martin OX

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    ive played both, I would go with the martin if I had to pick one

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    I don't know about the Kala Elite USA but during the Summer I keep my OXK cased in the closet so my other ukes have a chance to get played.
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    You're getting a lot of advice from people who've only played the Martin. I think you're going to have to play them both yourself. I'm sure you'd be happy with the Martin, but the Kala Elite sopranos are something of an unknown. They could be fantastic! And they are solid wood I assume.

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    Curious, how did you come up with these two?
    Really different... everything, including price.
    The Martin laminate will be more impervious to climate changes and thus be more care-free, but I have to think the Kala Elite's solid koa will offer tons more tonally.

    I continue to watch for the right deal on a Kala Elite. I've heard a couple amazing soundbites on HMS, the wide neck looks yummy for larger hands and fingerstyle, and I like the looks - on the ones that are properly book-matched (I think Kala goofed on the wood sets of some of these instruments).
    And on the other end, I have put many ukes into the hands of wannabe players, and I find Kala's cheaper ukes the best for the buck, over and over.
    Note that some Kala Elites have been sitting for so long, dealers are starting to shake them loose at reduced prices. There are deals out there...

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    I found the Kala Elites to be a bit of hit or miss on sound quality with the ones I tried on my recent vacation on the Big Island. I didn't spend a lot of time with them since I was focused on finding Hawaiian built ukuleles. I would check return policies or make sure you can hear sound samples prior to purchase if you can't try them in person.
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