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Thread: Kala vs. Córdoba ($200 price range)

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    I think that was just a 'tongue in cheek' comment - he's presently improving his 'sing & stum' technique, & hasn't got around to 'finger picking'.
    Trying to do justice to various musical instruments.

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    Cordoba 20TM, with our without cutaway and pickup are regularly available for under $150. They sound a little brash with Aquila strings, but a decent set of fluorocarbons sound amazing, especially with low g. I gave mine to my granddaughter, but had intended to install bone nut and saddle and replace the functional geared tuners with something better. It had no setup issues and had a flawless finish which I polished up to a lovely low gloss. In all, a great solid topped tenor for the money.

    Here's a few:

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