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I'm kind of surprised you don't have one of the Luna U-basses, Mike! A guy had one at a jam I was at about a year ago, it was cool! The strings were interesting, I just wasn't sure about the octave higher thing, could have a purpose. I just like the sound and feel of the rubbery Pahoehoes...
I looked at it, but the higher octave did not interest me, I like a bass to have a bass register, even if it's a little bass uke or mini bass guitar. After having put together so many, I really don't get how people can use those long 30, 32, 34 inch scale basses.

In additional my new ones above, I saw a post on the Talk Bass forum last night about a Pignose PGB-200 short scale bass (30") with built in Pignose amp and speaker. Too long for me, but they also have a 3/4 guitar 24" scale with built in amp/speaker and I immediately decided I'm going to convert it to a bass. I was up until almost 3 am last night, even did a mockup. I'm planning to use it for the UCLA/Mattel Children's Hospital gigs instead of my bass uke and Fly 3 bass amp rig since the Pignose will that much more convenient, if it reproduces the bass well enough at low volume.