Does anyone have more news on this book? I do understand the very sad passing of co-author John Weissenrieder caused a serious delay, but even since last summer not much news appeared. It has been available for pre-order on some outlets, but the publishing date has been pushed back again (in nov 2017 it was moved from dec 2017 to early 2020). The publishing house mentoined by retailers is Spring House Publishing, specialized in woodwording and crafts books, but the website of that publisher doesn't announce that book at all.

It still looks like a marvelous book, but the silence surrounding it is worrying...

The briefs:
- book launched as a kickstarting crowdfunding initiative in 2013-2014.
- succesfully obtained enough funding through presales of the book, of original postcards/drawings/watercolors/prints and of ukulele kits, with a promised delivery in April 2014.
- initial delay was blamed on the overwhelming demand, more or less doubling the production numbers of the extra bits, and the name changed in June 2014 from The Ukebuke to The Uke Book. By then the texts were finished, and 80% of the sketch work was done.
- in July 2015 John fell seriously ill, putting a delay on the whole project due to frequent hospitalisations.
- nonetheless the contents were done by that time, the lay-out and design was finished by May 2016, counting 246 pages, but still requiring final editing and printing.
- kits and drawings/watercolors/prints were ready for shipment in July 2016 (but not sent out, still waiting on the printing of the actual book).
- John passed away in July 2017.