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Thread: Do you carry a Uke around?

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    only been at it for a few months
    playing is mistake filled
    try try
    do over
    oh boy got it right this time
    getting better
    would not dare play in public at the VA Hospital
    Outdoor soprano was in the car
    also there is one here at the book store
    but do not play it when anybody is around

    don't know how long this love affair will last
    but my oh my
    am in love

    yours truly

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    Haha, we're on holiday, and today i made my first walk with a uke around my shoulder. Normally I'm in front becasue I have long legs, today I was trailing, because I was playing all the time. I loved it. the uke was a Kala travel soprano w. strap buttons added. Its flatness causes it to almost vanish against the body. Totally no problem manouvering with this thing around my shoulder.

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    I wish I could bring my uke around. I just bought a Kala to leave in my office.
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    I keep a uke in my office. A few strums here and there is great medicine for whatever ails you.

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    I am a nurse in a children's hospital, so I often bring my ukulele to work to play for my patients. It's also a great stress reducer to play in my office & when I take a break. My hospital is blessed with a wonderful music therapy department and they are mostly responsible for me getting a ukulele in the first place. I started messing around with one in the music room at work, and the music therapists encouraged me to get one & start learning to play. The music room is open every afternoon, and if I'm not too busy, I grab my uke and go down and jam with the music therapists, hospital volunteers & patients. Ukes, guitars, piano, bongos, mini name it, we all play and have a good time.

    When I got interested in the ukulele, I was looking for a portable instrument to take on my whitewater rafting trips & kayak touring trips. The ukulele is perfect. On my raft, it lives in a hard case, inside a heavy duty dry bag. It also fits neatly inside my sea kayak. It's so fun to drag out a songbook, start playing, and get my friends singing around a campfire. So far, since I started playing in April, my ukuleles have been through Stillwater Canyon on the Green River, Down the Snake & Salmon Rivers on whitewater trips, and on kayak paddling trips in Grand Teton National Park, and Yellowstone. Before the summer & fall are over it will go with me back to Grand Teton & down to Lake Powell. It's the best portable happiness machine ever!

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    For those that carry ukes around, are they mainly inexpensive ukes or do you take your expensive ukes with you? What about to uke festivals and events?

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    The RISA stick is made for travel. I just toss it in the suitcase (never worry about it getting broken). I usually tske a portable mini-amp just in case I want more volume.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanY View Post
    For those that carry ukes around, are they mainly inexpensive ukes or do you take your expensive ukes with you? What about to uke festivals and events?
    Expensive is relative I guess. I have two ukuleles and they both live in different places. One is my Mainland and the other is my Makala. I hate to label the Makala as a beater, because I think that it sounds nice and it is as easy to play as any, and I like it. But it lives in a harsher environment than the Mainland. But regardless, the ukulele that lives where I am does everything from gigging to bike rides to camping. It goes to ukulele festivals and events. So in Iowa, my Mainland is my everything, including beater. In San Juan, my Makala is the one, and it does everything from street corners to beaches. I don't have a different ukulele for every imaginable situation I might find myself. The Mainland does go visit the Makala once in a while, in which case they fight each other for my attention.
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    Today I was out getting my wife's car serviced and smogged. I took my concert Uke with me to learn a new song while I was out. In Jiffy Lube I asked the guy if he minded me playing and we had a conversation about Ukes and Guitars, he was an old guitar player. He said he had bought his son a Uke and it kind'a got put in the closet. I suggested he get it out and learn the chords to give his son a little boost. He was smiling when he left.

    I stopped in a Taco shop to have some lunch and a young woman commented she liked the sound of my Uke. I talked with her a moment and said she ought to learn to play one. She grinned and said, "Maybe I will."

    I was playing alone in the Smog shop until an older guy came in and we had a conversation about Uke's and music. He said he just did the crossword puzzles and I suggested he learn uke, as it's a great retirement advocation. He was thinking about it when I left.

    So few people see a uke being played that they don't really think about playing a uke, but when they hear it, they do get interested. If more people played a Uke the world would be a happier place.

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    If more people played a Uke the world would be a happier place.
    That is so true.
    Trying to do justice to various musical instruments.

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