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Thread: The uke I miss the most

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    Default The uke I miss the most

    My Ukiyo Vita Ukulele made by Marc Schoenberger is the uke I miss the most. It is now owned by a Dusty Strings employee in Seattle who bought it before the general public had a chance. A smart man!

    This Vita uke was between a soprano and concert size and had the seal-shaped sound holes and was super light. The sound was big and it was a great strummer.

    I've let a lot of great ukes go including: Mya-Moe and Kinnard baritones, Compass Rose and Collings tenors, A Pohaku Concert 10, and Kamaka, vintage Martin, and Timms sopranos. All great instruments but I don't miss them.

    That Ukiyo was weird and fun. It was easy to play and sounded great. Maybe I'll own one again some day.
    2013 LFDM Tenor

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    This should be a good thread........regrets and all. Although I am a tenor and baritone player the uke I miss the most is a Koaloha KCM-00 concert . It had a dark burgundy colored koa that was so beautiful and unique and a sound to match. Fortunately I sold it to a friend who lives close by. I get to play it often and when I do I give my forehead a palm hit......doh!!!
    Currently enjoying these ukuleles : *LdfM tenor, *LfdM 19" super tenor. *LfdM baritone, *I'iwi tenor , *Koolau tenor, *Webber tenor, *Kimo tenor, *Kimo super concert, *Mya Moe baritone, *Kamaka baritone, *Gianinni baritone, *Fred Shields walnut pineapple super soprano, *Kala super soprano, *Loprinzi super soprano, *Black bear ULO concert , *Enya X1 concert, *Enya X1 pineapple soprano, *Enya Nova *Gretsch tenor, *Korala plastic concert

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    That Ukiyo sounds worthy of being missed!

    I may be the only one to say this, but - zero regrets here. I think I've sold 2 Koalohas, 3 or 4 Kamakas, a Dasilva, a Kiwaya thinline pineapple, and an oddball vintage 'teens or 'twenties Columbia. I learned lessons from all of them and hope that they are all being enjoyed by their current owners.

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    Still got all of mine - so no regrets.
    Trying to do justice to various musical instruments.

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    I have sold many, but I still kick myself for selling my William King long scale tenor. Besides that one, a Collings UT-1, a Kinnard tenor, and a Tom Guy cigar box uke.

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    for me there are 2 stand outs (amongst too many).

    1. a collings uc2 - spruce top with gold sunburst finish, mahogany back and sides.
    so loud and warm and the playability was crazy.
    it's the best collings I ever played and I've played me some

    2. the tom guy "owl" tenor.
    all maple. incredible figure...yeah, the back looks just like a flying owl.
    sold it to another active member here, TCK (sorry for outing you dave ).
    if he sees this thread I hope he'll post a pic.
    I tried to buy it back off him a couple of times.
    not a chance, eh :P

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    oh, one other.
    this one. thankfully i'm back in the queue and having an identical one built for the new year.
    the sycamore mm soprano is maybe the smoothest playing
    and sweetest tone of any soprano I've ever played.

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    I've owned several ukes that have since moved on to other people. I 've had instruments that ranged from a concert size Oscar Schmidt to a Moore Bettah Tenor. I've also had a number of resonator ukuleles that sounded killer. I miss them all at times.
    The instrument that I miss the most right now is a 1929 National pear shape resonator tenor guitar.
    The uke that gets the most play right now is a Fluke tenor.
    The instruments that I am playing the most right now are a 1927 Martin 5-17T tenor guitar and an Estey portable pump organ.

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    I can think of at least a few that sold their Ukiyo Vitas, only to be followed up by a WTB ad only a few short months later. One uker did that evolution at least three times!

    I'm currently in the process of selling most of my ukes.

    NewKid, if I decide to sell my Ukiyo Vita, I'll notify you first. BTW...mine is a twin of your former uke sharing consecutive serial numbers. Same woods.


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    No regrets yet either. Most of the sold ukes had been upgraded prior to sale. Maybe I miss the banjo uke sometimes but I was never able to do what I wanted with it (linear tuning) so was happy to trade for the iMua. I'm pretty much out of space for ukes though so there may some hard tradeoffs in the future.
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    Imua iET-Bb, M600
    Covered Bridge CLN pineapple - Eb cuatro, SC XLL
    Rogue bari
    Bonanza super tenor, cFAD SC LHU
    Kala KSLNG, Eb SC XLU
    Hanson 5-string tenor, dGCEA
    Bonanza SLN GCEA
    Bonanzalele concert
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    Pelem, B reentrant
    Jupiter #71, A, UG1


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