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Thread: Transpose or Tune Down?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Futurethink View Post
    The best part is that you'll have to purchase another 'ukulele and tune it specifically for this song.
    Next you'll have to find some songs in other keys so you have justification for purchasing another 'ukulele.
    I can't believe this solution hasn't been suggested yet.
    These are in fact some of the the motivators for why I have more than two dozen ukes as the moment...

    - most ukes are in varitions of the GCEA-intervals modified-fourths tunings, but in different keys +/- a RANGE of semitones in variation

    - other ukes are an perfect fifths tunings, CGDA, GDAE, and others are in perfect fourths tunings, BEAD, EADG

    - the above are all also in variations of linear and re-entrant setups, and nearly every uke has different strings to accommodate it's tuning, scale length, tension and tone as I prefer..

    some might ask 'whaddya need all that for?'

    1. for my song-writng, different tunings SOUND and PLAY differently from each other, and provide inspiration across a much wider spectrum

    2. because I am at least partly insane or OCD, and don't do anything half-assed, it's 'all or nothing", 'deep-dive into the rabbit hole or stay home', and staying in one tuning is boring to me besides the fact that it excites my brain and keeps the synapses from falling into atrophy
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    This FAQ link will help you learn about:
    - Magic Fluke Company ukes
    - Pickups, Preamps and Impedance Mismatch
    - Home Recording and Mics
    - String Upgrades
    - iPad Microphones
    - Wolfelele Uke Kit
    - How to string a Baritone uke as a piccolo bass
    - Strings I used for GDAE and CGDA fifths tunings

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    uh ... chord chopping = chord damping?

    @ubulele & Jim H - liked your Bb replies muchly.
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