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Thread: iRig acoustic stage mike problem. No volume

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    Default iRig acoustic stage mike problem. No volume

    So I bought the mike, plugged it into my MIPRO 101 30rms amp, very little volume. Same in a Marshall amp and a Chicago. Took it to the shop tried it in a Roland MicroCube with an expert.
    Apparently it just doesn't deliver enough oomph to be any use.
    How are you finding it?
    Tested against ukulele with a inbuilt pickup which did sound good and loud.
    Surely it's better than that, the uke itself was almost as loud!
    Trying! (Apparently very trying...)

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    Many folks here on UU have this unit and none have reported the problems, and I do not work for IKMM, but will try my best to help.

    The mic element is intended to hang from the sound hole - you have this positioned correctly?

    Also, there is a volume control on the preamp unit that is recessed and you press in for it to pop out to adjust...maybe you've overlooked this and the volume is set low?

    Maybe you are using the stock batteries it came with? When mine finally were going dead, sound was low, have you changed the batteries?

    The plug from the triangle mic head, which is 2.5mm in dia. needs to be fully inserted into the preamp, maybe re-check this?

    There are TWO 6.35mm jacks, one marked OUT and the other marked AUX - Are you sure that you are using a cable from the jack marked OUT when going to the amp? (the AUX jack will have little or zero volume because it is an INPUT)

    Have you tried other cables from the preamp unit to the MIPRO 101 amplifier?

    A 10ft guitar cable is about $7 here in the USA, and it's always handy to have a spare, or two...

    In my experience, more problems are with a bad cable than anything else, next is the way things are plugged together 'weakest link' and all...

    Please try the above ideas, and then report back.
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    OK - everything according to the book, even new batteries were installed.
    By the way, excellent list of the obvious (which is the usual problem).

    New cables, four different amps, including new one in the shop.
    The volume knob has to be pretty much maximum, obviously works because I can hear the slightest brush on the wood.
    Damn near hear my heartbeat coming thru! So I can't complain about the mike itself!

    Master volume on amp on maximum and gain on 50%.
    Volume on the iRig max too.

    OK with everything maxed out the amp does overpower the uke itself.
    I will persevere, was just surprised how much louder a pickup under the bridge was than this iRig.

    So -theyre just quieter. Number 1.
    Maybe something like the Roland AC Acoustic Mobile (5w) just isn't going to cut it.

    However I just checked the brand new batteries and they were at 70% so have just replaced them.

    However - short answer is the brand new batteries, first two were the problem.
    Should have checked that for myself, thanks for your time!
    Trying! (Apparently very trying...)

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