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Thread: kala elite koa series vs Loprinzi koa concert

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    I have a Loprinzi in the pipeline - just put down the deposit and I believe Donna started working on it. They are great to work with and are indeed a woman-owned business, as ukeinfused said.

    With that said, I too would be interested to hear from someone who has played both a Kala Elite and a Loprinzi.

    I was thinking of getting one or the other before going with Loprinzi.

    However I'm still very curious about Kala Elites. They are in the same price range as Loprinzis. Loprinzis cost a little bit more, but considering that they are customized, the price honestly evens out.

    My biggest skepticism regarding Kalas is the geared tuners on all models. I've played concerts and sopranos with geared tuners, and on instruments that small and light, you truly can feel the added weight of the gears. Geared tuners on sopranos and concerts are kind of silly, and it makes me less inclined to take Kale Elites seriously. Even though, from what I hear, they seem great.

    Anyway, I'd be curious to hear someone compare the two brands in terms of sound, feel, etc., as the OP originally suggested.

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    The questons are, what are you looking for in a Uke, tone, woods, craftsmenship, etc...?

    LoPrinzi is certainly more of a boutique high-end Luthier, that also offers some lower-end models/prices...

    Oh by the way, I do know that some music stores, when they know you are serious about an instrument will bring the model or a few of the models in for you.

    If a music store won't bring in a Kala Elite for you, contact Kala and express your desire, and maybe they'll ship some out to a dealer free of charge for you to check out.

    I know this, because in the past as example, Kanilea was willing to ship over for me free of charge to the music store a Uke of theirs to check it, so try it....
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