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Thread: WUnderkammer handmade tenor ukulele for sale

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    Default WUnderkammer handmade tenor ukulele for sale

    Wunderkammer ukuleles are made by luthier Liam Kirby in Bristol and are made entirely by hand. No machine tools are used in the process. For sale is the Boswell model. A tenor ukulele.

    On the website, it is described as follows, “the Boswell's long 17" scale and big body make for a substantial physical presence, and its light fan bracing allows the tone to open up to a loud, warm, dry jazzy fullness. All solid mahogany, with rosewood appointments. Good friction tuners as standard.”

    Currently these ukuleles are for sale at £550. I am offering mine for sale in mint condition with a good rigid case for £400. It really is a beautiful handmade instrument modelled on early Martin ukuleles.
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    I'm interested! Just tried to PM you but not sure if it worked - nothing in the 'sent' folder...

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    Hi, Got your email yesterday and replied to that. Hopefully you have seen that reply

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