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Thread: Ambient Ukulele video - a very NON-Traditional experience

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    Quote Originally Posted by photoshooter View Post
    Cool, I just subbed to your channel so I can follow along.
    I'm on the mellow end of things. I have a Micro Pog which I love and a Behringer Reverb pedal. I run through a Baggs Para Acoustic DI. At some point I bought a Zoom G1xON but I rarely use it.
    Oh awesome! I look forward to sharing and taking you along my journey. I've started to think about story boarding the pedal 101. Hope I can get to film this week but life lol

    I've seen a lot of people with micro POGs and know it's on my list of things I need to research and consider..

    My long long long list.. lol if I didn't rent first my wallet would hate me

    My holy grail pedal is a Strymon Big Sky.. I love the dreamy soundscapes their pedals have and even the Morpheus is pretty kool
    Kala Concert Exotic Series - Blue - Low G-CEA
    Fanner Electric custom Ukutele - Low G-CEA
    Oscar Schmidt Spalted Mango Tenor - Wound LowG-woundC-EA
    Pono Baritone Nui BN-1 - DGBE
    Pono Octave Nui - 8-Steel String - dDgGbbee

    I'm pretty Ukecited to be here!

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    I always see a lot of pedals on my local Craig's List. That's how I got the POG. I also saw a Para Acoustic but I didn't act quickly and someone else got it.
    My plan is to also try/learn/struggle with looping. For now I have Loopy HD on my iDevices and a bluetooth pedal to toggle it on and off. No need for a dedicated loop pedal...yet.

    Some good pedal threads pop up from time to time here. Don't know if you saw this one.

    Here are some good pedal/uke-specific vids in case you haven't seen them. Jake on pedals with uke

    UU forum member Brad Bordessa (Hippie Guy) has a great youtube channel with vids showing examples of various effects pedals
    (I also highly recommend Brad's book Ukulele Chord Shapes)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Braga2966 View Post
    Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed it

    That's awesome, I wonder if he still does those?
    I'm not sure. He was active on here a few years ago (I'm dating myself). He was on a Konablaster (steel string) baritone uke I believe.

    I subbed too to your Youtube channel. Looks like good stuff there
    "If a lot of people play the ukulele, the world would be a better place to live."

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    very nice composition. I like the tone you are getting through your setup.

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