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Thread: RIP Glen Campbell

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    Default RIP Glen Campbell

    Glen Campbell was one the true greats in the world of guitar. A session musician extraordinaire, he played on virtually every hit recording that was done in LA during the early to mid 60's.
    Glen did all of this and could not read music.
    I've had the pleasure of meeting and talking to Jimmy Webb many times over the last decade. Jimmy wrote many of Glen's biggest hits as well as many hits for various recording artists. Jimmy told me that Glen was the most gifted musician he had ever met.
    Simply put, Glen Campbell could play anything on guitar. The man was a genius, yet most of his casual fans never knew how truly talented he was.
    I once saw him go head to head with George Benson on the Midnight Special. They played a piece called Affirmation. It was blazing from start to finish. Two of the greatest guitarists of any generation and they both kicked butt. I've heard that George, like Glen also does not read music.
    Rest in peace Glen! You will be missed.
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    He was one of the most popular session men for many years.

    Thanks Glen for all the great music.

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    Fantastic player and singer!

    RIP G.C.

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    GODSPEED Glen Campbell, he was truly a gifted and talented musician. He'll be missed.
    Alzheimer's disease is a nasty devil.
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    He was a very multifaceted musician, capable of playing (and singing) in an incredibly wide variety of styles. I recently saw this one, which exhibits a side of him that we rarely saw, burning through the changes-

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    I was listening to NPR in the car the day after he passed, and they had a great report on his life and career, and I felt it was a wonderful tribute to one with so many talents...

    One thing that stood out to me was that they said that even though his memory was nearly gone, and at times could not even speak, but if you put a guitar in his hand, he could still play along, with literally almost any song, just after hearing the first few bars...

    Also, that when he did tons of studio work, he was uncredited most of the time as a session player since the record labels of the time liked to keep that stuff a secret, and as such, he quite possibly played on more recordings during his career, than all other artists combined...

    I may not have all the facts perfectly in line, but my takeaway was that I was very impressed, having not really listened to his music (before my time), however, there is an article on NPR, here:

    and on the left column of that page is a big red circle with the right-pointing 'play' button which I believe gives you the same audio as what was on air that I had heard...

    RIP Mr. Campbell.
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    Another sad day for music fans, but a possible relief for Glen, alzheimers is a cruel disease, one hell of a player, & not a bad singer too.
    Trying to do justice to various musical instruments.

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    A sad day.

    I'd like to be under the sea...

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    So very sad he is gone. Alzheimers takes so much from you. My heart goes out to his family at this time. There was a ukulele season dedicated to Glen Campbell, season 220 I believe. There is a great documentary about his last tour while he was suffering Alzheimers called "I'll Be Me". He had unbelievable talent.

    The last song that he wrote and recorded is called "Im Not Gonna Miss You". I hope you down mind me sharing a recording I did of that song here. He will be missed greatly!

    Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.

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    I saw him twice, the last time being in November of 2012 in Portland, his second to the last show on the 'Goodbye Tour'. I believe it was considered his last good show as the following night in Napa he struggled mightily. So we felt blessed to see him up close and how his son and daughter looked after him on stage.. and musically he was in amazing form..
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