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Thread: Would you hang your ukulele?

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    Thanks for advice

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    Nice work, Dean, I found that I picked up my uke a lot more when it was readily available on a stand, & not in a case.
    Trying to do justice to various musical instruments.

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    Yes I'm liking it, as I thought I would.
    I keep my Tenor in the case and often just grab one of these for a quick melody, as long as they are tuned it's just a simple grab and play scenario.
    Looks good too.
    It's all about Happy Ukeing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pix.fairydust View Post
    Hi everyone,

    What are your views on hanging your (most expensive) ukulele? I don't trust wall mounts but have the parachord ukulele hangers from and am thinking about hanging mine from a metal bar I have in this little cubby like area in my bedroom...

    All opinions welcome!
    Surely there is no easy answer that is going to always be right or wrong, it's so situational.

    How expensive is your most expensive Uke and is that cost significant to you? Is a particular Uke special to you and irreplaceable? Might others in your household mistreat a Uke left out on display or is there potential for accidental damage? Do you (not everyone does) actually live somewhere where changes in humidity are significant?

    Personally I would be happy to hang any and all my Ukes on a wall and have a Uke left out ready to play by my chair all of the time. The rest are bagged or boxed but that's more about being space efficient that anything else. My Ukes are all laminates so are hardy and relatively inexpensive, there is zero chance of the hanger failing (it's so strong compared to the weight of the Uke) and I'd rather take the minimal risk of accidental damage to an instrument than hide it away. If you have a solid instrument and live somewhere where humidity fluctuations matter then casing it is sensible but otherwise let your Uke hang and enjoy its availability.
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    If it's expensive like a Kamaka, only if you had a controlled environment with proper humidity, otherwise you better have it stored in a proper case with humidification packs like D'addario's Planet Waves Two Way Humidification System!
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