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Thread: James Hill Duets for One book

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    Default James Hill Duets for One book

    Has anyone gotten this book? I just saw it on Amazon but it says it's out of stock. Seems like a good chord melody book.
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    I don't think it has been released yet. I first saw it about a month ago on the FMM site. It has said coming in August, but in the description it mentions copies available in September. I have been looking forward to it.

    "COMING SOON! Ukulele Masters: James Hill—Duets For One. Duets for One is a collection of 15 ingenious solo arrangements by Canadian ukulele master, James Hill. Each arrangement is comprised of two distinct parts—melody and accompaniment—that you'll learn to play simultaneously on a single ukulele! The 15 songs include classics by George Gershwin, Irving Berlin, Hank Williams, Coldplay and others. Arranged for reentrant GCEA tuning, all songs include ukulele tablature as well as music notation and most can be performed with a simple thumb-picking technique. We expect to have copies sometime in September. Stay tuned!"
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    I want to thank you for posting this. I was unaware of this book coming out, and I am now very interested.

    James Hill is one of my musical and ukulele heroes, so this is definitely something I want to buy when it comes out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Booli View Post
    I want to thank you for posting this. I was unaware of this book coming out, and I am now very interested.
    I second this. Thanks for mentioning it!

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    FWIW, the arrangements are for re-entrant tuning...

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    Oooh! Looks like a really good one! September release? Just around the corner!
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    The publication date is a bit sketchy, it's not even released at the publisher's shop (fleamarketmusic). But it should be, really soon.

    Hill is not only an excellent player, he's also very good in teaching stuff - breaking it down, showing relatively simple things that make complicated music). The version of Freight Train in F does look conspicuously a lot like the arrangement in Ukulelezaza's books, but that's a credit to the song.

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    I "looked inside" at Amazon. Wow, tabs for every song. If you're a Ukulele Way student like me, you know from those books that JH gives you tab for a song only if he decides you need it!

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    Doing the Ukulele Way as well. I enjoy his teaching style enough that I'll probably pick this up as well. Very cool!

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    Thanks for posting. I was not aware but will order it next prime order we do. Looks to be rally good. James is great.

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