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Thread: Holes - Acoustic Guitar Cover

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    Dean Beaver Guest

    Default Holes - Acoustic Guitar Cover

    Hi ..
    My first post here in the Guitar Video Forum ..
    I have this video from 2015, simply recorded on my mobile video and I think it might have been my only time recording myself on video with an acoustic guitar.
    It's a song Originally by Michael Rosenberg aka Passenger.
    I haven't been playing Guitar recently, but I'm deciding to get back to it.
    I might try a few videos using my laptop camera and a usb mic.
    So, any comments are welcome, I'd like to pick it up again and improve.

    I've figured out things like having the camera the right way, improving the light, I've found using the Acoustic Instrument in front of the Mic works well in my use so far. I've done a bit more recordings since then with Uke so had a bit of time to work on it so far.
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    Really like the soul you bring, man.
    Your voice is fantastic. Dirty and rough and perfect.
    just one thing I noticed - maybe less attack on the treble strings and more on the bass.
    I loved it brother. you feel the music and that carries a long way.

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    Dean Beaver Guest


    Cheers , Thanks Mountain Goat.
    I'll take that advice on board and continue to work on improving my technique. This video was a couple of years ago but I have noticed the same thing when I watched through it recently.
    Thanks very much for your comment and sharing your thoughts, it's appreciated ..

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    no worries brus. looking forward to more of your music.

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    Dean Beaver Guest


    Cheers Bruz, Mountain Goat , I've watched some of your songs also on your 'Send Me A Leaf" YouTube Channel, very good, I think soulful and heartfelt in some ways, good performances anyway well done to you both
    I'll work on another song, I need the practice , I've also got a couple of new mics to try out and I'm not sure how they will do the job, but I need the practice anyway so it will go hand in hand trying I suppose.
    Thanks for comments

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